Are you excited with the new changes that the era of Aquarius is bringing to our lives? It’s coming with amazing changes—an evolution of consciousness for each individual and for the whole planet.

This is an opportunity to take the future into our hands and live in tune with our true nature, bringing out our unique gifts to share with the world.

I use Transpersonal Astrology to help you in that process—to unfold/discover your blind spots, understand the causes of repetitive patterns, comprehend your feelings and emotions, see yourself in the bigger picture, and realize that you are here for a reason, and that all is perfect.

Discover Your Own Light, Your Own Path


• A graph of your Astrology Natal Chart sent via email.
• A written report of your Transpersonal Astrology reading sent via email.
• Personalised Framed Astrology Reading, delivered to your doorstep.


I am convinced that every one of us has a purpose in life. We were born with a unique gift to brighten the world and our mission is to live that purpose, if we follow this, we can have a meaningful, successful and happy life.

Happiness is the source, happiness is a propeller that moves us, it is our birth right, so my intention when I do work with my clients is to remind them who they are and guide them to find that Happiness.

The planets have a huge influence in our personality and our behaviour. When you know the position of the planets and signs in your chart, this brings a very accurate picture of your personality traits, strengths and weaknesses, also the best time for your most important moves. It is in brief the print of your soul map.

For the last 12 years, my work have helped people to find answers, find their own path to make decisions that have changed their lives for better, this have helped them to achieve the fulfilment and happiness that they are looking for..

My purpose is to help people to live a meaningful life, we are entering the Era of Aquarius and we are experiencing many changes, an evolution of consciousness where we need to free ourselves of old structures and old beliefs that do not serve us any more. It is wise to take the future in our hands and live it in tune with our nature, in tune with what we really are.

So if you are in a moment of time where you need to take decisions, need some answers and guidance in any area of your life just contact me and I will be more than happy to help you.


I give advice to parents by reading their children’s charts, offering them tools to guide them, to approach them in a more natural way, in tune with their nature, and help develop their natural skills. This can answer many questions about your children behaviour and you will find the readings very useful as you won’t be guessing anymore or making assumptions about what is happening in the life of your children.
Through this ancient and wise tool, I aim to help families create a stable, harmonious, and happy environment at home, allowing them to raise human beings who will contribute positively and make a difference in this world.

Teachers will benefit from a very powerful tool, as they will know what is the best approach to teach the students and help them learn easier according with their particular needs. An amazing tool to discover and develop their natural skills from their early stage. This can provide a great mechanism for a tailored education getting the best out of every child.


I want to offer life coaches help to speed up the coaching process, knowing in advance the nature of their clients, identifying the strongest points against the ones that are more challenging. Once you have the client’s soul map, you have a great mechanism to guide them to achieve their life purpose and goals in a more smooth, precise and natural way. This tool will also provide your clients a guide to make wiser decisions in life, a way to start again from a grounded solid base, having already a deep knowledge of their soul purpose.



This chart is the blueprint of your soul, shows the location of the planets at the moment of your birth, the date, place and time, creating a map of who you really are, all aspects of your personality and your life purpose. This will help you to know and understand more about yourself and the why things happen to you the way they happen. It is a profound and deep study of your soul that gives you the tools to lead your life in a more conscious way.


This chart is placed around your Birth Chart and shows the location of the planets today in respect to the ones at your birth time. This chart will help you in the process of taking decisions at a specific moment in time in any area of your life, like, love, work, children, travelling, money, home, friends and more, a great tool to build your present and your future.


This chart focus the attention on the placement of the sun in a specific year, wherever your Sun arrives in a house in your chart, this is where you should put all your energy, time and efforts so your year will flow nicely in tune with the universe and you will accomplish more that year.