Looking back in time I can see now how my life has been influenced so strongly by the planets, I can see myself at the age of 16 wanting to live abroad, it was a call from inside that I didn’t understand at that moment. I also remember talking with my mother telling her I wanted to marry somebody that was not local. Well, after doing my courses in Astrology and studying my Birth chart I finally understood what was happening with my desires, the reason for my behaviour and at that point in time I woke up to a new reality and saw that this is the life that I mean to live as part of my soul journey. I wish that a reading had been given to my parents so they would’ve understood many aspects of my personality and avoided spending time and money on counselling trying to find answers.

I came across Astrology in 2003 when I attended a conference by Mauricio Puerta, a quite well known astrologer that I respect and admire, and from that moment on, my life become more meaningful. The subject of Astrology turned into something fascinating; so different from what people think it is. I had just finished doing a course that helped me to take action in the “present” and gave me the opportunity of living my dreams, that was when I decided to travel to England and my life started blossoming, with my sun in the 9th House, I started living my destiny.

I’ve always felt happy and fulfilled helping people, I did it being a member of many organisations with that aim but I knew that doing a 9-5 job would not allow me to succeed in that pursuit. I then decided to take the next step and turn my hobby as an Astrologer from helping friends into something more professional towards a bigger impact on the world. My intention is to implement this tool as a source of self knowledge, self discovery and to improve the relationships of families, couples and teachers with students, as well as helping life coaches to accelerate and make more effective the progress of their clients. If people live a life with purpose, fulfilled and happy, we definitely will have a better society and ultimately the world is going to be a better place. And yes I believe that Everything is Possible.


“The light Path born as a desire to describe a journey that many of us are going through, it is a time to discover our own light, our own Path, the true nature and purpose of our soul in this world. “


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