This chart shows the location of the planets at the moment that you were born, date, place and time; this creates a blueprint of who you are, your life path and all aspects of your personality. This will help you to know and understand more about yourself and be able to guide your life in a more conscious way, highlighting your strong points and working in the ones that might be challenging but helping in your growth. With my years of experience I have noticed that this challenging aspects creates more determine and successful people in life.


This chart is a graphic that is located around the Birth Chart and shows the location of the planets today in respect to the ones at your birth time. This chart will help you in the process of taking decisions at a specific moment in time in any area of your life, areas like love, work, children, travelling, money, home, friends and more, a great tool to build your present and your future.


Helps in a decision making process at specific year of your life. This Chart describes the focus of attention in one area of your life for one year and one location. Knowing where your sun is placed, you will be able to work in one specific subject that can be job, love, traveling, children, money, working on yourself or any other area. So it is an excellent help to know what to do, put all your energy and time to make things happen, plan your life in tune with the nature and energy of the planets, this combined with other planetarium aspects involved, will contribute to support the decisions and steps to take.

A call via Skype, Messenger, WhatsApp or FaceTime for max 1 hour.
A written report, a natal chart graphic and a brief explanation of the most important points of your chart in a PDF document ready to be framed.