Andrea has a phenomenal ability of intuition! Some astrology people I’ve spoken to in the past have just read my chart…but Andrea showed me the whole world of Matthew. She really deeply connected to me and to who I am, and was able to confirm so many things I didn’t know that anyone could know about me, and gave me guidance going into my next level of evolution for the coming months. Her work is indispensable for any human looking to get in edge and walk confidently into their future.
Me encanta que hayas hecho tu pagina eres buenisima en la interpretacion de la carta astral y conocedora de la materia ademas hilbanas de una manera muy amena y acertada ! Cuanto me gustaria tenerte cerca para aprender mas y mejor contigo de lo que yo digo saber de este serio , profundo y misterioso tema como lo es la Astrologia ! Pero ahora con tu pagina web podras mantenernos al tanto de lo que ocurre alla arriba en el universo de los planetas y como repercuten sus movimientos y posiciones en la Tierra… Muy agradecida contigo Andrea Quintana por haber hecho mi carta de manera tan precisa y acertada y amena de leer ! Mil bendiciones y ya eres una triunfadora !
As a parent of two children I was experiencing some issues around connecting with them and understanding how best to support them with their learning styles, emotions and interactions with others. Andrea suggested I examine my children’s astrology charts in order to understand my children’s personalities better so that I could connect with them in a more natural way. The process was simple, I provided Andrea with the birth dates, times and locations of all our births and within a few days the process was completed.

Andrea provided very comprehensive information about my children, myself and their father. This included information about their key attributes, preference styles, characteristics and much more. She explained the information very clearly so I could understand the charts and what they meant. She also provided the charts for me to keep. From this, my awareness of each of my child’s personalities and key drivers was raised. This information has enabled me to understand their behaviours better, support them and guide them based on their areas of challenge. For example, my daughter lacks structure, is disorganised and day to day activities are mundane to her. To help her with this we have started using a planner which we update each week and review each day. This has helped her prepare for each day with what she needs for school etc.. Without the knowledge gained from the charts I would of continued to feel frustrated about her disorganisation. I continue to review the charts as a basis of understanding my children’s styles better. I would highly recommend working with Andrea.

Andrea’s reading spoke to my soul. It answered questions I had since I was a little kid and provided insights that made me feel much more integrated with life and my soul at a soul level during a transitionary period where I needed guidance the most.

In a dark stuck period of my life I found myself asking the universe questions for guidance. I was blessed to receive the guidance of Andrea’s reading which instilled in me the values I always believed in deep down, but never fully embodied for lack of personal connection to my own being.
Andrea’s reading helped me become so much more grounded in my own path, while not worrying about ideas or thoughts of social comparison. Ever since Andrea’s reading, my life has steadily become a greater reflection of my own values that I cherish deeply, and many of the beneficial beliefs we created on our call have been wired into my subconscious mind.

“If you’re thinking about investing with Andrea, JUST DO IT! The value she delivers FAR exceeds the cost. You won’t regret it!”

“I found Andrea’s reading very informative in particular help me to link aspects of my life that I was aware of with other aspects that were not so clear to me. I will recommend it to anybody.”
I can not describe the excitement I had when Andrea offered to do a reading on me. I immediately became overwhelmed with joy and excitement, it was all I was looking forward too for a while. I have had many readings done on me but Andrea’s reading blew me away. Her reading give me such an insight on who I am and where I am going in my life. She was so well knowledged with her information and she was so opened to any questions I had without hesitation. And she was such a pleasure to talk to her true passion and devotion just vibrated of her words which made you feel a sense of truth. Her patience made me feel so comfortable. She made me feel as if I was receiving my answers from the universe!! I highly recommend everyone getting an amazing reading from Andrea, you will be beyond pleased and satisfied!!!

Thank you Andrea for being the pure infinite being that you are and for your passion with the work you do!

Andrea wrote a wonderful astrological birth chart for my niece, shortly after her birth. The descriptions are very clear and in great detail. Andrea also summarised all of the key points and put this into a beautiful frame along with a picture of the birth chart itself. It made a fantastic present.

Soon after meeting Andrea, she read my birth chart. Being a mathematician I have always been a little sceptical about such readings. However, what Andrea said was incredibly accurate and I now have no doubt that a lot of valuable information can be determined from an astrological birth chart. I was so impressed that I have recommended Andrea to friends and family for any birth charts that they may require in the future.

Debo reconocer que era un poco incredulo con respecto al tema de la Astrologia; pero despues de ver los aciertos de mi carta astral a traves de Andrea, mi astrologa de cabecera, no tuve mas opcion que aceptar el poder de los astros en nuestras vidas. Quede muy contento y satisfecho con la lectura, muy acertada. Ahora se que el lugar donde vivo actualmente es el ideal para realizarme como persona; ya que soy Colombiano y vivo en U.S.A.
Muchas gracias Andrea y desde aqui te deseo mucho exito y que sigas ayudando a muchas personas a encontrar su camino.
Quisiera expresar la experiencia de la lectura de mi carta astral por medio de Andrea, me ayudó a entender aspectos de mi personalidad, el puzzle de mi vida encajó tras estos conocimientos. Me encuentro estable, tengo pareja y estoy a gusto, mi vida está la vedad plena. Gracias a ti!
Muchas gracias Andrea.
I never had my natal chart read before and I was skeptical but there were a lot of accurate
things about my personality and life in general I was particularly surprised about my current
health issues, which they were described on it. I found useful to have my natal chart read
because it made me reflect about my life, the process I am at the moment and what to expect
for the future. I recommend I to anybody.